IMPORTANT: watch this video before you book your call


Thanks for your interest in our Presenter Mastery program! This is the beginning of your exciting journey to becoming a top 1% Presenter.

Please make sure you watch the entire video before you book a call, as there are a few important things you should know.

Who should book a call?

  • ​You’re interested in building a career around
    Presentations/communication training
  • ​​​You LOVE Presentations and are excited to improve
    your skills and make it more of a focus in your career/business
  • You’re ready to invest in advancing your career
  • ​You understand that Presentation skills can make you significantly more valuable to your team/clients

Who should NOT book a call?

  • ​You’re not currently in a place where you’re able to invest time and money in a program to help you learn/develop your skills
  • ​​You don’t see yourself being able to present in front of others​ any time soon in your job/business
  • ​You’re just curious and are a little doubtful about whether or not learning presentation skills is going to be helpful for you
  • ​You are looking for a quick fix for poor presentations

What to expect on the call

This is a zero-obligation discovery call where an David JP Phillips Presenter Career Coach will ask you some questions about your current situation and goals, and they’ll help you assess whether our Presenter Mastery program will be a good fit for you.

It’ll be a fun, useful, informal discussion, and our goal is that you find it to be an enjoyable and very valuable use of your time, whether or not you decide to work with us after!

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